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In December 2011, after the renovation of a disused picture gallery in the

small village of Penestanan Kaja, near Ubud, Bali, Café

Vespa opened its doors to the general public.


The space could be described as small, unintimidating

and relaxing, with friendly and efficient staff. 

Our in-house bakery provides fresh bread, croissants and cakes,

with the kitchen also cooking up a varied breakfast, lunch and dinner menu.

Gourmet pizzas have also recently been introduced to the menu,

and we believe they're the best anywhere in Bali. 


Café Vespa prides itself, in what we believe to be one of the

best coffees in Bali. 

We describe it as a velvety, full-bodied, artisan style coffee,

prevalent in cafes from London to Australia.

Our own 100% Arabica blend of Indonesian Toraja, Aceh Gao

and Bali Kintamani

is roasted to our specifications and delivered freshly

roasted to us each week. For additional freshness each cup

is freshly ground and served with the best quality milk.


For those who do not do coffee, Vespa also has one of the best

choices of teas, both healthy and classic.

For the fruit and veggie drinkers, there’s a great

range of sugar and ice-free juices.


From a cultural standpoint, Café Vespa not only provides great

food and beverages but also serves as a centre for social interaction:

the cafe gives visitors a place to

congregate, talk, write, read, entertain one another,

or pass the time on an iPad. The WiFi is pretty good.


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